The Little Things….

Hey all,

They say you don’t realize what you have till it’s gone, these times are so strange and unreal. The simple things of a hug, a cup of coffee with a friend, food shopping without fear etc. I miss the loud family Sundays and the new tradition of Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday nights with my core group & baby Royce. I miss my arms dying because I could only calm the baby down by standing with him in my arms and rocking him back and forth. When I have been around people during this time that do not live with me , I am panicked the whole time ” what if I bring something home” etc.

I see so many posts now of people saying they won’t ever take for granted the things they once did, and I hate to sound pessimistic but that just is not true. We are human, we are in shock so to speak right now but once this is back to normal I imagine after a few months things will go back, we will forget to appreciate the little things and embrace what and who we have around us. I know this seems opposite of how I usually write my blogs or portray myself but I have become more of a realist nowadays and try and see things as they are rather then how I want them to be.

Obviously my hope is that all people wont go back to their old ways and will cherish things they once took for granted but that will be up to them. I for one cannot wait to be with the rest of my family and friends. I am a homebody by nature but I did enjoy my 1-2 days a week out besides work. As I sit here in my living room typing this and my nanny sitting next to me reading a magazine, I wonder how often we actually had so much “time and relaxation”. I’ve always been one of those that felt guilty about relaxing and not going,going,going but this has forced me to “chill out” so to speak.

Walks at the dock, reading a 400 page book because I have the time and can, binge watching shows with my cousins and having a lot of extra quality time with those I live with. Appreciating the face time calls, the google meets with family I have everywhere, things we usually never did we now do.

Walking through the stores, seeing people in masks and gloves, avoiding eye contact even, just so unsettling. It is amazingly scary that this thing we cannot see can swoop in here and take out so many loved ones and instill so much fear. I hope everyone can take the time to just be in the moment and do your part to stop the spread of this debilitating disease.

I hope all my readers stay safe, spread love and pray in whatever way you do.

Smiles 🙂



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