The hard truth…

Hey all!

I don’t know about you but do you ever wonder are people being genuinely there for you or just being plan old nosy?! or if when people keep at you asking whats wrong and asking to pray for you, is that the truth or are they using that as a form of getting the gossip?! When something happens and blows your life up you truly see who you can depend on and who you cannot. People are there for you when things are smooth and dandy and gone the second your life gets messy. I am not speaking for everyone but for me I am done with the bullcrap and done putting up with some-timers and people who hurt me and those I love.

Now this blog is a much more deep, dark route for me but one thing I do is keep it real with y’all and this week as been a hell of a week for me. I make one step forward and I feel emotionally I go back 10, I just want a day to not think about anything. Anyone else ever want to do that? Just run away from your life for even a day and press the restart button? This past month I have seen some “Friends” leave  in a seconds time, I have had people look me in my eyes and swear they are not spreading rumors when they are the exact ones doing it. I just cannot see how some people sleep at night, I don’t know how I have been so foolish to believe in so many people in my life.

Some call me naive because I always see and believe the good in people and I am one of those positive Polly people that loved to think the world was rainbows and butterfly’s; until I was hit by a 2×4 reality size board!  I now see people for who they are, I have my guard up 100% and it will be hard for people who are not currently in my life to come in but I am a daily work in progress & I hope I will not be forever tainted by this past month of life.

I would like to take the time to thank those true amazing souls I am blessed to have in my life; both family & friends alike. You are my rocks, my people, my circle that I will know forever are genuine and awesome!! As for me and my mind frame like I said one day at a time, I am trying to strive to be the best version of myself but all I can seem to do is work, babysit and go through the motions of life at this time. Tonight I have that “tomorrow is Monday” mind set; such as I will join the gym , be mindful of what I eat, not drink as much etc. & truly I do hope to really follow that and as always I will be honest with you next blog if in fact I followed my new mind set or not.

As for those who may feel “called out” in this post; sorry not sorry! I am grateful I have seen the truth & seen people’s true colors and I know I still have so much time in this life to create new memories & I will try to enjoy my new journey as best as I can.

Till next time…


Colie 🙂

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