How small things can make such an impact…

Hey loves, me again!

I have been yearning to see more of my nieces and nephews but never felt like I had the time, that is until I was asked to babysit a couple of nights a week & I made the time. I got there the first night and we had so much fun, the big boys even decided to get off their games and hang out with me. This brought me such joy, just to be with them and laugh, take selfies & be in their presence. Us Aunts are suppose to be the fun ones but sometimes you have to still follow moms rules, but in the two days last week we already have our own little “secrets” & I end the night before they go to bed and ask them ” what was your favorite part of your day” that way we are all ending the night on a high and positive note.

I truly believe Michael & I do not have a child at this moment because it does allow us to do fun things with them, go here or there , let them make a mess and be silly. I hope to never let that stop even if and when we do have our own. My biggest philosophy is this, a kid will never remember that day they made a mess and spilled their milk everywhere what they will remember however; is how you reacted to it. Did you yell right away, did you make a joke, did you make them cry? I try as an Aunt to be mindful of that, before I react to anything take a moment, but I am human & my reactions are not always so zen & relaxed.

Point is try not to sweat the small stuff, take in the new moments that come your way,  make those new memories, have random dance parties with your kids or families. Sit and color like your still a kid, do something out of your comfort zone. I personally have been working on and I have mentioned this in past posts but I am trying each day to be the best version of myself & I do say out loud ” I got this” , “I am beautiful” ,”I will choose joy today” etc. Whatever you want to say to make yourself feel powerful for the day, this goes for men and women alike”. I feel with this new mind set I aim to have daily I have become a better person already just by using positive self talk rather than my old negative Nelly self. I am a work in progress & I am completely transparent with my readers, family and friends.

I’m a “everything happens for a reason” type person, always have been. I was anti Facebook for years and years and then a couple of weeks ago I decided to “rejoin the FB world”. It led me back to an old friend who has changed my perspective and helped me in my fear of a huge life decision Michael and I are making. That my friends is for another blog.




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