Feeling thankful

Happy Thanksgiving all!

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged and for that I apologize. I was in my own head the past two months and none of it came out on the screen. Today I was inspired to write because this has already been such a beautiful morning. As I woke up to the cold air & Jax doing his morning whine to get up and outside, I realized I have so much to be grateful & thankful for. My internal clock went off at 7:15am, yes I would have liked to at least sleep till my 8:45am alarm but such is life.

My fellow coffee lovers will understand this, there is something about that first cup of coffee and just taking the day in, I do not get to do that often as usually I am out the door before 7am, so today I sat in my pj’s with my coffee, with the March of the Wooden Soldiers on the screen and just relaxed. This thanksgiving is slightly different then the last few years when I lived at my mother in laws and  I would be in charge of the turkey and help get the day started for her while she worked.

This is our first thanksgiving in our own home, my brother & sister needed to utilize the kitchen for some of the thanksgiving sides, what a fun morning it has been. In the door by 9:30am with bagels in hand and good spirits. I put up more coffee, made bacon & eggs for the bagels and sat and enjoyed the moment! There is something about that, just enjoying the moments as they happen, I am guilty of not doing that often enough.

Today I will be surrounded by some of the most wonderful souls I am blessed enough to have in my everyday life. First we will stop to see all my kiddos whom I adore more than life itself & then off to Lindy where 19 of us will enjoy 20lbs of mashed potatoes, 2 trays of mac & cheese , 2 turkeys and more.

Have a beautiful day!

More soon……



4 thoughts on “Feeling thankful

  1. Sounds like a perfect morning
    I can’t wait to share the day with you and our family. This is always one of the best days of the year & so blessed to have all of us together . Thank you for your blog today
    Annette aka Mom


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