The Beginning …

Hey guys it’s me again!
Funny, Saturday at Michael’s end of summer lunch at his job I got to talking to one of my favorite families there & the story of how Michael and I met came up, I love telling it! He came into my life Summer of 06′ into the King Kullen bakery dept. & it was anything but love at first site; in fact we could not stand to be near each other; yet we had to work almost every closing shift together! I can’t say what changed but come October of 06′ I was falling for Michael but he was still so NOT into me! As I was telling the story I was emphasizing the fact that I was determined, I even said “I will make you like me Michael wait and see”, sure enough my charm worked and by March of 07′ he asked me out via AIM & the rest is history ( after of course he had asked me out 2 weeks prior then broke it off because “we were better friends”), I begged to differ!
I remember the early days we would ride around in my 89′ Cadillac Eldorado and just drive and talk about life, the future, what we thought life would look like. I wanted 13 kids ( not even joking) not sure what I was thinking , Michael said 4 tops but somehow once we got married and had a number of nieces and nephews we were ok with 2! It is funny how you can sit and envision your life and what you think will happen but God has his own plan for us. In our case it was very different, but now we see God has us in kids lives all over the place. Not only in being an awesome Aunt, Uncle, Godparent but also youth leaders at our church; we are in children’s lives 24/7 just not in the way we may have envisioned back in those 2007 car rides around Long Island but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t change a thing.
Yes the news of Oct 2016 shook us and made us confused and yes a little angry! We are human, but we still get to be with each other, we now own a home, we have two adorable crazy dogs, families who adore us and visa versa & a God who has allowed me to see the good in everything & everyone.
I am so excited to take you on my journey and take you along with me in my marriage , my family & my everyday life & struggles.

3 thoughts on “The Beginning …

  1. , share wonderful times and experiences together & continue to grow stronger & closer to each other through your faith. We are all blessed with you both in our lives


  2. Its amazing what we came from, how our relationship changed through th e years, and how God brought us through everything this far. Love you!


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